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  1. The main issue here is for you to get the story of the book,
  2. as long as your points are built on a reasonable reading, you will be fine.
  3. We determined that the main points of the book were divided into three sections.


  1. The event: Iran Iraq War
  2. The consequence: Use of Gas on Kurdish Insurgents
  3. The significance: Gas was used indiscriminately on civilians

The indiscriminate use of gas on civilians is significant

  1. this is because it defied convention
  2. this is because it was successful at creating a demonstration effect
  3. the demonstration effect coerced the Kurdish population to flee their homes and abandon the insurgents they supported.

symbolism: demonstration effect

  1. In light of Lisa Wedeen's article on "Symbolic Politics and Social Control in Syria"
  2. Chemical warfare had a symbolic demonstration affect which produced wide spread fear and panic
  3. This allowed the state to regain social control over the Kurds.


  1. Hiltermann's primary focus of the book is to contribute a factual historical account of the use of chemical weapons during the Iran Iraq war and against the kurdish insurgency
  2. that said it is unreasonable

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