Aussaresses Algeria

the French vs. FLN

battle of the City of Algiers

  • Aussaresses admits to killing to FLN leaders and made it look like a suicide
  • ben heady was hung
  • ali somebody or other was pushed from a six story window

approval from Paris

  • discussion of implicit or tacit approval by Paris of the assasinations (Mitterand was implicated)

effectiveness of assasination

  • he says these killings crippled the insurgent capacity and forced them to retreat into the mountains
  • attacks died down significantly
  • killings had a demonstration effect against french sympathizers in Paris who supported the FLN


  • justice is expendable and has no role in COIN operations
  • Algeria
  • admitted killing two prominent resistance FLN leaders and making them look like suicide
  • Terror is the only way to victory in CI warfare
  • claims in COIN the justice system gets clogged
  • civilians justice standards are too high and paralyzing for war
  • he advocates killing suspects again
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