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  1. both show hoe authoritarian regiemes maintain power and respond to threats of varying degree
  2. these threats range from the tension of ethnic division to an armed and full blown insurgency.
  3. In these two instances the regieme relies on a very similar pattern
  4. this pattern is difficult to define
  5. however, both regimes find a psychological way to foster fear.
  6. and they rely on the fear to create a self enforcing demonstration effect.
  7. the result is an increase in perceived aswell as actual political power

personality cult vs. chemical weapons

  1. productive power
  2. both of productive in the sense that they maintain order
  3. in Iraq it was used to put down an insurgency and restore order
  4. in Syria it was used to suppress cultural division

show the nature of authoritarian politics

  1. a continum
  2. personality cult is a relatively benign example demonstration effect tactic to deal with ethnic division and construct national identity
  3. gas is a

self enforcing process

  1. the more people run the more people will run
  2. the more people disimulate the more people will feel compelled by fear to disimulate

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