Counter Insurgency Warfare Theory And Practice

Counter Insurgency Warfare Theory And Practice

prerequisites for a successful insurgency

* group of leaders who proceeded to organize insurgencies

Galula' Prerequisites:

* Cause
* Geography
* Outside Support

the insurgent's cause

* should be sound enough that the COIN can not adopt it
* should be long term not easily achievable through minor concessions
* cause distinguishes insurgents from criminals
* provides something the population can rally behind
* strategic criteria of a cause
* a cause contains muliple interests that must be appeased
* different groups will prioritize parts of an insurgent platform differently
* effort must be made on all aspects of the platform to achieve popular support
* nothing obliges the insurgency to maintain the same cause - cause depends on whatever is popular and politically expedient

what makes a body politic resistant to insurgents


* absence of problems
* national consensus
* resolute leadership
* 4 elements of population control: government structure, military, police, and administrative bureaucracy

Communist Population control

* no privacy
* parents afraid to talk to children
* every unusual move is reported
* contact cannot be made
* ideas cannot be spread
* recruitment is impossible


* terrorism only requires concerted action by one individual
* but terrorism is far less valuable than the publicity it garners
* thus is you don't publicize it, it is ineffectual
* there are a wide array of political structure between this extreme

diminishing importance of the cause

* as insurgent gain strength the war becomes the main priority
* citizens are preoccupied with taking sides

weakness of the counterinsurgent

* since insurgency has a bottom up structure a political vacumn strengthens their position
* exploitation of crisis

The Border Doctrine

geographical conditions

* location mountains and deserts, oh my!
* size the size, disciplines and moral of the military
* configuration the more diverse the groups the more difficult to control
* international borders the longer the borders the more difficult to control
* terrain the more land the more difficult it is to control
* climate the more inhabitants the more difficult it is to control
* population
* economy

Outside Support

* moral
* poliical
* technical
* financial
* military

communist insurgents vs. colonial insurgents

communist insurgents

* working class


the conditions for a successful insurgency

* cause
* police and administrative weakness in the COIN camp
* not to hostile geogrpahical environment
* outside support
* in he middle and late stages of an insurgency

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