• information
  • measurable
  • push out insurgents
  • static units
  • everyone has to be a politician
  • different kinds of propaganda to target different groups
  • leninist structure
  • target auxiliaries

Protecting Civilians
Concentration Camps and strategic villages


  • 5. COIN in hot revolutionary war
  • 6. from strategy to tactics
  • 7. operations

COIN in hot revolutionary war

from strategy to tactics

single direction

primacy of the political over the military power

coordination of efforts

primacy of territorial command

Adaptation of the armed forced to COIN warfare

adaptation of mind

  • ROE's are different

selection of the area of efforts

the strategic problem

* easy to difficult

  • difficult to easy
  • compromise

tactical factors

political preparation

the first areas as a test area

chapter 7: operations

1. propaganda

2. deployment of the state unit

directed at the counterinsurgency forces

directed at the population

directed at the insurgent

3. contact with and control of the population

4. destroy or expel insurgent forces

make contact with, and control, the population

5. destroy insurgent political organization

6. local elections

test local leaders

7. organize a party

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