• how law is used in counter insurgency
  • short cuts often have negative repercussions

Lari - small village that traded with Nirobi

  • the really nice land
  • hold outs
  • this created two groups of people
  • sympathizers with the colonial administration because they got the really nice land

1953 - a fire and a massacre

  • the home guard gets distracted by the fire
  • then the village gets torched and massacred
  • the early migrants were all massacred
  • this meant that all the fence sitters had to choose a side
  • the home guard carried out brutal and messy reprisals

British intervention

  • the British gave tacit support to the home guard
  • however, they attempt to foster legitimacy by putting them into a camp
  • unnecessary interrogation methods
  • the conditions in the camp were brutal
  • 19 huge trials for 500 people
  • the British decided it would be easier to execute them instead of risking releasing them and starting a reprisal cycle
  • positive identification was the criteria used to convict - there was rampant witness collusion
  • this brutality and farcical court system embarrassed the British
  • most of the trials were id parades
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