Lecture Nine Friday November 09 2007

Law and the Courts in Counterinsurgency

1. Andrade

Andrade, Ashes to Ashes, chptr. 9 (Long Arm of the Law: Courts and Detention Systems)
Ashes to Ashes.pdf

2. Kenya

Anderson, D., Histories of the Hanged: The Dirty War in Kenya and the End of Empire. (New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2005).
Chapter 4 - Death at Lari
Histories of the Hanged.pdf

3. Aussaresses

Aussaresses, The Battle for the Casbah, chptr. 14 (The Terror), 15 (Ben M’Hidi), 16 (Ali Boumendjel, Esq).
Battle of the Casbah.pdf

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