Lecture Seven Friday October 26 2007

Intelligence Operations in Counterinsurgency

Interrogation and Torture

1. US Army Manual

Counterinsurgency, p.3-1, 3-2, 3-25 to 3-35

2. Vietnam

DeForest, O. SLOW BURN: The Rise and Bitter Fall of American Intelligence in Vietnam. (New York: Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1990).
Slow Burn Chapter 3.pdf
Slow Burn Chapter 4.pdf
Slow Burn Chapter 5.pdf

3. Rock the Casbah

Aussaresses, P., The Battle for the Casbah: Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Algeria 1955-57. (New York: Enigma Books, 2002).
Chapters. 1-5.
(NB: references to the use of torture and summary execution).
Battle of the Casbah.pdf

4. Torture

Dershowitz, A., “Want to Torture? Get a Warrant”, San Francisco Chronicle, 22 January 2002.

5. Elkins

Elkins, Imperial Reckoning,
chapter.3 - Screening
Imperial Reckoning.pdf

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