Lecture Six Friday October 19 2007

Civilians, Part III – Civilians as Combatants

Civilian auxiliaries, Terrorists, Tribal militias, and Death Squads

1. Columbia

Human Rights Watch/Americas & The Human Rights Watch Arms Project.
Colombia’s Killer Networks: The Military-Paramilitary Partnership & the United
States. (New York: Human Rights Watch, 1996.)

2. El Salvador,

Schwarz B., American Counterinsurgency Doctrine and El Salvador. Chptr 5

3. Dirty Hands

Schwarz, B., “Dirty Hands”, The Atlantic Monthly, (December 1998), pgs 106-116.
Dirty Hands.pdf

4. Trinquier

Trinquier, R., Modern Warfare: A French View of Counterinsurgency, chptr 4

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