Notes From Group Meeting

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the event

  1. The use of gas during the Iraq-Iran war and
  2. Why is gas used in the iran iraq war?
  3. a defense against the isreali nuclear arsenal
  4. an act of desperation at responding to Iranian human wave attacks
  5. sophistication
  6. cost benefit analysis of being able to get away with it without international condemnation

the consequence

  1. it's consequent use in a counter-insurgency operation
  2. How did the use of chemical weapons in the Iran Iraq war lead to the use of chemical weapons against kurdish insurgents?
  3. long standing oppression of kurds - dehumanizes them - was a side effect
  4. plausable denaiability about who had done the deed

the significance

  1. in a manner that did not distinguish between militants and civilians. (this was bad)
  2. why is it significant that he did not distinguish between militants and civilians
  3. it is significant that Saddamn did not distinguish betweeen militants and civilians
  4. it is a rare example of using a population in an unconventional and horrific way to advance political objective
  5. it is all about feard
  6. because of the unique opportunity to end and insurgency quickly, limit the international repurcussions of Iran, and make an offensive move against Iran

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