Popular Control

4. popular control

response to battle of the mind

  • there is a built in incentive to make the preferences of civilians irrelevant
  • this can be accomplished through terror, detention or execution

Hierarchy of responses

  1. death
  2. detention
  3. execution

civil defense organizations

  • similar to leninist cellular structure or Castro's bloc system
  • a leader is chosen to protect his block
  • captains watch over every 2 to 3 houses
  • the leader is briefed on and participate in every COIN operation

action committee

  • establishing and maintaining support through action
  • removed dissentors and tortured them
  • assassinations and executions
  • effort must be made to empower the local population to actively fight the insurgents
  • does this mean training them?
  • like the french generals fiercely loyal to the populations they had trained to fight
  • loyalty: by refusing to abandon them even if you fical democratic state chooses to you motivate them to fight of the insurgents
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