Slow Burn

slow burn

  • total information
  • vietnam
  • ineffective strategy
  • defectors were isolated but not interrogated
  • learned from japanese police
  • built up system of file cards
  • any one of any relevance was interrogated
  • pursuit of a total knowledge of the enemy
  • this helps you can cut through enemy propaganda
  • for example a huge southern resistance turned out to be non existent

volunteer defectors

  • psychological tests of all personnel were conducted
  • torture slows the information gathering process and alienates them
  • prefers tender love and care
  • asians are not nice to each other so if you show them a little kindness you can yield a lot of information
  • train your interrogators to have empathy
  • the timelyness of the information was questionable
  • a lot of information was collected but a lot of the information was not useful
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