Test One

weasel words (ww): 3 words to describe a term

Identify and Explain

  • COIN
  • Atlacatl Battalion
  • weaponeering
  • modern warfare


  • What is Col. Trinquier's idea about how terrorists should be treated in a counterinsurgency war? Do you agree with it? Why?
  • Professor Kahl states that the US military has sought to adhere to the norm of noncombatant immunity. Describe some of the ways US forces have done this (as shown in Kahl's article)
  • The new US army manual on counterinsurgency states than insurgency normally consists of 5 elements. Name them and define each terms.

test review


  • US trained battalion in El Salvador
  • trained by one of the best coin expert in the world
  • committed the worst atrocities of the war
  • weasel words: 3 words to describe a term
  • Identify and Explain: state authors name where reference come from
  • weaponeering - choosing the right weapon for the job - Khal
  • how you define the job determines the weapon



terrorists are soldiers because

  • strategic targets
  • hierarchy
  • no uniform

terrorists can be tortured
1. utilitarian information gathering
2. same obligations as a soldier
3. generates intelligence
4. nobody gets an easy war
the lives of many can be saved by the torture of one
this is problematic because you can't know if you will get valuable information until you have already tortured someone


  • non combatant immunity
  • discrimination
  • proportionality
  • rules of engagement
  • weaponeering
  • annihilation - restraint paradox

US army manual

1. leaders: articulate the cause
2. combatants: conduct operations
3. cadres: political elite with insurgent community - communicators/promoters
4. Auxilleries: support (slippery concept)
5. Mass Base: everybody else who sympathizes

  • people can move between these categories
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