Test Two

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Identify and Explain

  • Villa Des Tournelles
  • Screening
  • FMLN
  • The Battle of Algiers
  • Home Guard
  • ISR

David Galula presents TWO types of insurgency: what he calls the communist or orthodox, model, and the "Bourgeoise Nationalist" model. Describe the Bourgeoisie Nationalist mode, listing all various stages that Galula describes (including those stages that are part of the orthodox model).

In the history of the fighting in the city of algiers in 1957m General de Aussaresses matter of factly admits that French forces practicedsummary executions and torture. What were the reasons he gave for each practice?

The US Army Counterinsurgency Field Manual, FM3-24, presents a list of possible sources of human intelligence. Give 3 possible sources of human intelligence (with short definitions) and also give the Manual's definition of human intelligence.

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