Us Army Counter Insurgency Manual

Week One Us Army Counter Insurgency Manual

modern warfare
a violent clash of interest between organized groups characterized by the use of force
victory depends on a groups ability to mobilize support for political interests (religiously or ethnically)
the purpose of violence is to achieve political consequence

an organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government
through the use of subversion and armed conflict
protracted politico-military struggle
typically a form of internal war
shares many of the characteristics of civil war
designed to weaken the legitmacy and control of adversary while strengthening insurgent control
adversaries include established or interim government, occupying power, or other political authority
means used to acheive goal: political, diplomatic, informational, ideologicl, military and economic

action taken by a government to defeat insurgency
types of action include military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological and civic action

comparison of coin and insurgency
two sides of the same coin
distinctly different operations

political power
is the central issue of COIN and insurgency
both sides attempt to convince the people to accept their authority as legitimate

COIN long term success depends on…
the people taking charge of their own affairs
people consenting to a government's rule.
elimination of causes of the insurgency
removing ideologues who will never reconcile with the government
enabling a country to accept the rule of law
enabling a country to provide social services
enabling a country to increase economic activity
requires the application of state power in many fields
these fields include military, political, economic, social, informational and infastructure
the complexity of the mission should be taken very seriously
not strictly a military option

""Aspects of Insurgency""

overthrowing a government
explosions of popular will
coup d'etats
goal is to overthrow existing social order
or hope to reallocate power within a single state
or break away from state control

resistance movements
indigionous challenges to foreign and occupational government
often led by exile governments or factions competing for that role

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